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Have you been to a place where fun and emotions are solely yours? Have you ever enjoyed the unexpected? What trip would you never forget? World of True Flip is the home of our games, where pure luck meets spotless fairness. Say hello to these beautiful creatures and have a chance to succeed in their games. This World is right here – just a click away.
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Magic Dice mag**** 0.25 EUR ×2.35 0.59 EUR
Pirate Bay bry**** 1 EUR ×0 0 EUR
Pirate Bay wea**** 0.0001 BTC ×1.7 0.00017 BTC
Chain`s Code dhw**** 0.00005 BTC ×0.5 0.000025 BTC
Chain`s Code jgi**** 0.1 EUR ×0.5 0.05 EUR
Magic Dice sco**** 0.00005 BTC ×0.00 0 BTC
Magic Dice mag**** 0.5 EUR ×1.20 0.6 EUR
Chain`s Code dhw**** 0.0002 BTC ×0.5 0.0001 BTC
Game User Bet Coefficient Prize
Chain`s Code gri**** 0.01 BTC ×100 25 BTC
Mining Factory er***** 0.02 BTC ×252.00 5.04 BTC
Chain`s Code qwe**** 0.00008 BTC ×100 5 BTC
Pirate Bay ssa**** 0.02 BTC ×97.6 1.952 BTC
Mining Factory vkc**** 0.02 BTC ×96.00 1.92 BTC
Mining Factory vkc**** 0.02 BTC ×84.00 1.68 BTC
Mining Factory er***** 0.00069208 BTC ×2,200.00 1.522576 BTC
Mining Factory er***** 0.02 BTC ×72.00 1.44 BTC
Game User Bet Coefficient Prize
Mining Factory van**** 5 EUR ×192.00 960 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 0.33 EUR ×2,200.00 720.06 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 3.75 EUR ×180.00 675 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 10 EUR ×56.00 560 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 10 EUR ×54.00 540 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 10 EUR ×54.00 540 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 0.2 EUR ×2,200.00 440 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 0.21 EUR ×2,000.00 415 EUR
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ffe**** 22.05.2019 0.000333 BTC
Skr**** 21.05.2019 20 EUR
lwf**** 21.05.2019 0.020082 ETH
maz**** 21.05.2019 0.003736 LTC
ali**** 20.05.2019 12 EUR
lwf**** 20.05.2019 0.005016 LTC
cae**** 20.05.2019 0.04174 BTC
rch**** 20.05.2019 0.000806 BTC
The website design looks awesome, the animation is very intriguing. I remember a bitcointalk user recently asking about a dice game where there's an animation of rolling the dice but hell, you also seem to have some octopus-woman in it! What really lacks here is a free mode to see how things really work or a faucet to try playing. True Flip casino ...
I have been playing on this website quite a time ago, was playing the Pirate Bay game, the deposits are without problems (cant talk about withdrawals as always busted lol) but I like the website, the design is cool and a refreshing take on the crypto gambling. The games are really cool looking too, the dice one is too much graphical...
I played demo-versions of Magic Dice, Chain's Code and Pirate Bay without signing up. Firstly, it's good you are giving such an opportunity for gamblers, because many of them, including me, normally move on after they were asked for email etc. on a new site. Secondly, it seems like you really propose something new, and so the gamblers who are bored...
Hello! I am from beginning of the gaming platform TRUE FLIP, and I see how the platform is developing and of course it makes me happy. Yes, there are already a lot of games and I have a favorite game - Pirate Bay. When you go to Pirate Bay page, you can see great pictures, animations, and when the music starts to play, you seem to find yourself in ...
lot of currency accepted there BTC, DASH, LTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE. i can can easily convert your coins to BTC, the principal internal currency for True Flip. To use ShapeShift, go to the Top-Up section, then select your currency in the pop-up window and complete the transaction. All our top-up methods are listed in the Balance Top-Up section in your ac...
I was one who be with Trueflip project from start. I remember how invest some BTC and get a nice token TFL, which is grow and I have a profit! It was a nice bounty campaign. Liquid token TFL which sales at best crypto exchanges. Always best promo extra programs to active members. I participate not a first time - and its always a nice campaigns! FTW...
I have played at every site that offers gaming for cryptocurrency players, and I give TrueFlip two thumbs up. They have a totally unique user interface with high quality, engineered graphics and I have never seen games with these cool features. Chains Code is my favorite. I still am not sure what the heck is happening while I play it but it appears...
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