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Chain`s Code sco**** 0.25 EUR ×1 0.25 EUR
Magic Dice ahm**** 0.1 EUR ×0.00 0 EUR
Magic Dice por**** 0.0001 BTC ×1.14 0.00011408 BTC
Pirate Bay mic**** 0.1 EUR ×1 0.1 EUR
Pirate Bay pan**** 0.0003 BTC ×1 0.0003 BTC
Chain`s Code tor**** 0.0003 BTC ×5 0.0015 BTC
Chain`s Code sco**** 1.5 EUR ×0.5 0.75 EUR
Pirate Bay pan**** 0.00005 BTC ×0 0 BTC
Game User Bet Coefficient Prize
Chain`s Code gri**** 0.01 BTC ×100 25 BTC
Mining Factory er***** 0.02 BTC ×252.00 5.04 BTC
Chain`s Code qwe**** 0.00008 BTC ×100 5 BTC
Pirate Bay ssa**** 0.02 BTC ×97.6 1.952 BTC
Mining Factory vkc**** 0.02 BTC ×96.00 1.92 BTC
Mining Factory vkc**** 0.02 BTC ×84.00 1.68 BTC
Mining Factory er***** 0.00069208 BTC ×2,200.00 1.522576 BTC
Mining Factory er***** 0.02 BTC ×72.00 1.44 BTC
Game User Bet Coefficient Prize
Mining Factory van**** 5 EUR ×192.00 960 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 0.33 EUR ×2,200.00 720.06 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 3.75 EUR ×180.00 675 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 10 EUR ×56.00 560 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 10 EUR ×54.00 540 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 10 EUR ×54.00 540 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 0.2 EUR ×2,200.00 440 EUR
Mining Factory van**** 0.21 EUR ×2,000.00 415 EUR
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ces**** 25.05.2019 535.14 DOGE
jog**** 25.05.2019 0.002524 LTC
phi**** 25.05.2019 0.003201 BTC
phi**** 25.05.2019 0.002923 BTC
ars**** 25.05.2019 10 EUR
shr**** 25.05.2019 0.000828 BTC
and**** 24.05.2019 0.000413 BTC
maz**** 24.05.2019 0.008060 LTC
I've played it and I can say the game is pretty fun, simple to understand. Have to say though that considering the payout from it is not so big, usually people are attracted by the opportunity to earn big $ with their bets. here the max I think is 180 coins, so x 3 lines that would be a 540 coin re...
At first it seems exciting with the multiple wheels spining and three paylines. But after that it is just a steady baLance decrease. Even when i was getting respins often i rarely if ever won more than my bet and never brought my back up to what i started with or even close. It went fast but that w...
The graphics as always are very valid and definitely attracts players. The game itself is simple but it is not easy for new players to understand how it works and it took me about 10 games to figure out how it works. OK, it only pays if there are two consecutive identical symbols on the same line b...
Personally, I have tried out trueflip and I have got to say I absolutely love it. If you are in to competitive gambling the site is definitely not for you with a rather high house edge. But if you come to just have fun and enjoy the aesthetics then you will love it. I have tried out all the games t...
To me Tonys Reel seems quite similar to a slot game with only 3 lines available but still looks pretty cool. I have a played it for a bit and noticed the payouts from the game aren't that massive. I barely get back my bet most of the time even with a respin from the wild's. Would love if there were...
Here's my review for Mining Factory of Since I don't have the funds to gamble I tried to "Play Demo" option that you can find here. About the game Mining Factory graphics is too good and also a very smooth playing experience which you can call an "Epic Slot". Most of the other site with slot game the graphic is like pixelated like the ...
i just try your mining factory and it was really fun. mining factory will not disappoint you, it provides you with the good features and among the most interesting is the Auto Spin feature, which allows for up to a maximum of 100 automatic spins. mining factory features a fixed 27 paylines and you can modify your coin value and bet price. It is rea...
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