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Trueflip is a great gambling site though as you can see there are so many games in here and they have a unique gameplay which you can't see in another gambling website. Trueflip uses graphics to make the gambling soo fascinating, but as my own perspectives they need a lot of more games which is trending in the gambling world like Plinko, Roulette and you should add graphics for it so your users won't get bored because of it!
The main thing of a gambling website is their transparency and 100% provably fair on the game so the users would also trust the game even if they lose their money. I think Trueflip doesn't have any problem with that so let me give a thumb for it.
Though I tried the demo, I loved the Dice game so much because the octopus women are incredibly hot and sexy ~_~. I wonder if I can date him if I won the jackpot on the Chain Code! Well, it looks like I haven't tried the Flip's Star game because it says it's under reconstruction, I would like to test it out once it's done.
After all, they just made a unique gambling website. 5 of 5 for you.
signed up to try the new casino, the sign up process is very easy and almost instant
I wasn't even asked to click a confirmation e-mail link, which is very rare nowadays
the site looks very colourful ,as a big fan of dice games I was impressed with the graphics:
floating dice, an octopus chick and you can choose the range to bet on! this is awesome, been looking for a dice site to allow that
there is no free faucet, but you can play in a demo mode to try the games without depositing
casino claims to be provably fair, although I could not find a way to verify dice rolls, maybe didn't look properly
what I didn't like -KYC , but its the necessary evil for the licensed casinos I guess, you cannot withdraw money without KYC according to TOS:
"The User shall undergo KYC procedure after completing the registration of User’s Account and: i) before first withdrawal of fundsirrespective of the amount;..."
not sure if it applies to cryptousers or not, but I would not want to deposit bitcoins only to find out that I cannot withdraw my win unless I send my docs
all in all, is a nice looking casino that accepts bitcoins with many unique games, awesome dice and a demo mode to test the games you like
I like how True Flip combined blockchain technology with online games. The casino uses a random number generator to determine the outcome of games. Recently there was a new game Magic Dice which is made in the unique style of True Flip. The game embodies the traditional dice in beautiful 3D graphics and convenient gameplay. The maximum odds for bets from 0.00004BTC to 0.004BTC inclusive is 3000. For a bet of 0.01BTC - 1500. I advise everyone to play this magic game. True Flip also has games: Chain's Code, Pirate Bay and Rapid to the Moon the International Blockchain Lottery, in which you can win a super prize: 5.17 BTC. There is also a bonus program, diverse payment solutions
it's clear that a great deal of work has gone into the design and and overall user experience. the attention to detail is certainly impressive, culminating in a graphical interface that is both attractive and functional. the games are fairly standard, insofar as their general concept, but there is also a certain degree of innovation to be found, which lends a fresh feel to otherwise familiar territory. True Flip has a bright future; I look forward to seeing what sort of impact will be had, with respect to online gambling. it feels like the bar has been raised, which is encouraging, considering the complacency that has been creeping into the market. there is a great deal of overlap found among online casinos, with very few offering anything resembling an exclusive experience, whereas this is a defining quality of True Flip and why I am pleased to humbly submit Two Thumbs Up.
Just finished testing out the platform.
Your games are awesome guys, the transparency is a reliable thing when it comes to blockchain. Chain's Code is the best thing for me. I put some amount on my balance, turned on autobet and enjoyed the "spinning" numbers drinking my favourite wine and smoking a cigar hehe!
Simple and quick, that's what people need. I've found some issues though, maybe it's because of my browser. Will check it out later.
The Dice is good but a bit slow to me. Anyway, keep going and make some new stuff
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Mining factory reviews (from Bitcointalk forum users)

Here's my review for Mining Factory of Since I don't have the funds to gamble I tried to "Play Demo" option that you can find here. About the game Mining Factory graphics is too good and also a very smooth playing experience which you can call an "Epic Slot". Most of the other site with slot game the graphic is like pixelated like the Minecraft game graphic unlike Mining Factory that if you check this game now you'll see that how amazing animation the of this epic slot game is. And I also noticed the music of the game or the background music which you cannot find in other gambling sites that when you're playing slot game you can only hear the annoying slot sound effect.
And as I played the Play Demo option of the game which has a demo balance 0.01 BTC I easily turned it to more than 0.05 BTC. So guys what are you waiting for? Try the new epic slot of
i just try your mining factory and it was really fun. mining factory will not disappoint you, it provides you with the good features and among the most interesting is the Auto Spin feature, which allows for up to a maximum of 100 automatic spins. mining factory features a fixed 27 paylines and you can modify your coin value and bet price. It is really worth your time and credits. Its 3D graphics, animations and delightful sound effects make the game as interesting as it can ever be. game interface is also simple and easy to understand as the coin values and bet price per spin are all clearly indicated at the bottom of the screen. it runs smoothly on my PC browser, also it has no problem when i run it on my mobile browser.
The wild symbol also appears regularly and this means that you get to win more often. as an example, i've tried this game and i got a lucky paylines with wild symbol on it, it change my 7 mBTC into 41 mBTC in one spin.
My review of the Mining Factory on is very interesting to play, even though I don't have BTC to play the game, but provides a demo to start the game, so the players can feel it.
The Mining Factory that carries the Epic Slot game is very easy to play, especially with graphics and music that spoils the eyes and ears of course you won't get bored with this game and don't forget also the mascot at the top of the slot that interacts when we rotate slots and android robots that will also interact when we are lucky to get a free slot round.
when I play the demo version of this mining factory, we will be given a balance of 0.01, I am very lucky when 0.01 can increase to 0.045, how when I play a real Mining Factory, I definitely get a huge profit. let's try your luck at the Mining Factory on don't miss it.
My thoughts:
* Bet amounts and winnings should be standardized. Players bet in BTC values, but the payout table shows win amounts of a few hundred. It's not too clear what they represent (0.1 mBTC). It might be a good idea to move the player balance into 0.1 mBTC units to avoid confusion and to make the winning amounts more clear.
* Minor suggestion, but the lines display at the bottom should be clickable and open up the prompt that shows you all of the lines. Most/all of the slots I've played in the past have the paytable/lines openable from that area, so I struggled a bit to find the paytable/lines.
* When a win occurs, it might be a good idea to draw the winning lines so that it's immediately visible to the player. I couldn't figure out where my winnings came from easily.
The game was a bit confusing to me when I first opened it, and it took quite a bit of time to understand how the payouts worked. This could be improved. I also couldn't find the house edge anywhere. (shoutout to those claiming it will give you a big profit)
think mining factory has a good user interface. the game interface is incredibly high quality and impressive. it's fast and easy to navigate through. my problem is on the music and spin sound effect. it's so loud and a bit annoying. there is only the option to turn off the music. maybe it will be better if you can adjust the volume.
then, i've tried to spin. when i got my first winning, i'm a little bit confused about the paylines. after i took a time to explore the menu, i can find all fixed paylines on information/help menu on top right corner of the slots (so maybe i rather read the help menu first before i playing some games). i can see clearly the lines animation if we hit the winning combination.
For mobile users, The games are all available to be played in no-download formats, so they are available to play on the majority of mobile devices. Overall, I would say that mining factory is worth to play.
P.S : first, i played with real money. but just a little amount and i lost all my credit, so i continued with demo version to find my lucky payline. it's hard to win. but once you win, you will have a big win.
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Tony's Reel reviews (from Bitcointalk forum users)

I've played it and I can say the game is pretty fun, simple to understand. Have to say
though that considering the payout from it is not so big, usually people are attracted by the
opportunity to earn big $ with their bets. here the max I think is 180 coins, so x 3 lines that would be
a 540 coin return on highest possible payout, which is a max of 180 of total bet. The plus is that
smaller pay-outs are quite constant, so you get the feeling you're winning almost every hand. The Stop
button could be improved to instantly stop the reels upon pressing, right now it's only making the
reels stop a little faster than regularly , but sometimes I'd want to go through more sessions faster,
and a instant stop function would be best for it. All in all a good game, but could be improved.
At first it seems exciting with the multiple wheels spining and three paylines. But after
that it is just a steady baLance decrease. Even when i was getting respins often i rarely if ever won
more than my bet and never brought my back up to what i started with or even close. It went fast but
that was only twice i played.
Pros: good concept looks bright nice exciting respins seem to hit often
Cons: even with respins not winning enough to keep playing very long. It's not too exciting to watch my
balance quickly get eaten up. Not a very good motivater to deposit again. You gotta let me win and cash
out a grand i will be a sucker for life after that chasing that one win depositing all the time.
The graphics as always are very valid and definitely attracts players. The game itself is
simple but it is not easy for new players to understand how it works and it took me about 10 games to
figure out how it works. OK, it only pays if there are two consecutive identical symbols on the same
line but which one? from the center to the outside or from the outside towards the center? And if only
the first and third are the same? All of this is not explained on the payout table. Also in the first
few games, I do not find myself understanding which were the three winning lines, I managed to
understand it only after some winnings, it is not very intuitive to understand where you win and maybe
is better to highlight this area with a different contrast and keep it always active as when winnings?
Last note, in the games of this kind, from the player's point of view, the "I have almost won" factor
is very important, so I would say that it is essential to change the rotation of the wheels and since
the game pays with sequences from outside to inside, instead of doing outside the inner and the center
stops of the wheels I would change the wheels stop in the outside center inner (or inner center
outside), a small aesthetic change but in my opinion fundamental.
Personally, I have tried out trueflip and I have got to say I absolutely love it. If you are
in to competitive gambling the site is definitely not for you with a rather high house edge. But if you
come to just have fun and enjoy the aesthetics then you will love it. I have tried out all the games
they had to offer from Tony's reel to Chains code and all of them are a joy to play. They also
regularly offer bonuses to their users which I would definitely take advantage of. With the
implementation of deposits available in cash, you heard that right cash, you are able to gamble with
anything you like. While playing Tony's Reel now my computer usually is a little slow while playing but
it ran the game quite smoothly and it was quite fun. It's a visually different take from slots so its
like a new game for users.
To me Tonys Reel seems quite similar to a slot game with only 3 lines available but still
looks pretty cool. I have a played it for a bit and noticed the payouts from the game aren't that
massive. I barely get back my bet most of the time even with a respin from the wild's. Would love if
there were higher payouts on the game so it would be funner to play and easier to get back my bet
amount. Maybe it's just me but sometimes the game doesn't load properly for me and I have to leave and
come back then it loads fine. Might just be me though. So thats my review for Tony's Reel Cheesy

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