License & Certification

What is RNG?

RNG (Random Number Generation) is the generation of a sequence of numbers or symbols that cannot be reasonably predicted better than by a random chance, usually with a hardware random number generator. Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_number_generation

True Flip uses certified RNG in its instant games: Chain’s Code, Pirate Bay and Magic Dice. RNG generates a quick sequence of random numbers, producing instant results which are guaranteed to be fair. The True Flip team continues to work on the implementation of the RNG blockchain solution which would meet two conditions:
- it is certified by testing laboratories
- it is provably fair according to the blockchain community

What is the RNG certification process?

True Flip`s RNG was certified by iTechLabs and GLi. Both of these companies are testing laboratories certified to the ISO / IEC 17025 standard for online gaming systems. Over the past 10 years, both companies have tested and certified almost all the games found on various gaming platforms. The companies have been at the forefront of the development of the online gaming standards which are now used, in various forms, by regulators around the world, including the MGA and the UK Gambling Commission.


The list of the iTech Labs company competencies is quite extensive and includes the following items:

Casino games — slots, video poker, poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno, dice, etc. Multiplayer games — poker games, bingo.
RNG testing - includes software and hardware random number generators.
Mathematics evaluation - theoretical calculations of RTP for games.
Platforms - Registration and accounting of customers, confidentiality, security.

iTech Labs customers are the largest operators in the online gaming industry.

What is a Curaçao license?

Having the certificate allows the company to meet the jurisdiction requirements of the of the country where its activities are carried out. It also guarantees that the gaming systems in use to comply with international certificates and standards.

How is True Flip concerned?

The iTech Labs certificate guarantees True Flip users that RNG used in our games is absolutely fair and transparent. This means that the game logic in our instant games has undergone numerous independent checks, which is confirmed by the official RNG certificate. It is important to note that True Flip's blockchain solutions add transparency to gaming process, combinations received and the distribution of prizes. Thanks to the new technology of blockchain, True Flip provides players with a new level of gaming service, when anyone can check the fairness of the certified RNG raffles.

What is a Curaçao license?

A Curaçao license is the main indication of an online casino’s reliability and transparency. As a licensed gambling business, the legal status is evidence of a fair play. Curaçao was the first country in the world to legalize online gambling. Since 1996, Curaçao has been the most popular jurisdiction for online gambling. True Flip has a Curaçao license which can be validated on the official licensee portal.

Gambling in Curaçao is regulated by a special law – the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard.

Benefits for a player:

Guaranteed fairness of the game. A certified algorithm for obtaining combinations of numbers.
Guarantee of the payment security and speed. All wins are paid within 24 hours.
Satisfaction guarantee. We are fully customer oriented and are ready to improve our service according to your preferences.
Responsible gaming. Gambling wouldn`t be so fascinating without a bit of risk. That`s where the thrill comes from. And this risk entails the possibility of losing money.

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